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Our secret The Twists

Delicious Food
The product is in the Cup

It could be Pasta, Rice, Couscous, Vegetables, Purée... Or Soup... Or fruits, cookies...

Delicious Food
The sauce is in the lid

Sauces for Pasta, Bechamel, Broth, Gravy... Or noodles, Ravioli... Or chocolate sauce, custard... A simple half turn of the lid pours the sauce on the product.

Delicious Food
And it's a single package

The lid and the Cup are in fact one package. A simple half turn of the lid pours the sauce on the product. Everything is integrated in one package.

The Twists how it works

The story of Cups, boxes and Twists

D8 TV channel broadcasts an interview with Claude SEBBAN, creator of Pasta Cups and Les Twists.

Competition winner: "Coup de pousse 2014"


Discover The Twists

A concept for tomorrow

So many awards! The packaging Oscar, Grand Prix and Gold metal at SIAL Innovation 2014, Winner at Coup De Pousse 2014... The Twists have capability to disrupt the ready meals market, unlimited recipes for snacks, meals, and dessets, excellent texture and taste, ease of use. And the consumer sees what she buys...

A patented technology

Patented in all european countries, U.S.A., Canada, Israël...
License is required for to a company to market The Twists.

License acquisition

License acquisition for food manufacturers, for retail or Foodservice, distributors. License may be granted for geographic territories, product lines, channels of trade or some combination.

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2 Packagings Cup or Bowl

2 packagings for best visual impact. Two packaging configurations have been developped to offer best visual impact and performance. For products such as pasta, rice... The Cup form is perfect. If the ingredients are to be postioned horizontally for a better presentation you could prefer the Bowl.

SpiceHub Home Delivery

Our Awards

The end of food drenched in sauce!

About SpiceHub

About New Food Packings company

The Twists bring a revolutionary solution to the field of ready-to-eat snacks and meals: pouring the sauce at the time of consumption, resulting in optimum texture and taste for the consumer. The Twists bring to the consumer gourmet food with a simple "twist", thus changing the consumer ready meal experience forever. The Twists are the result of 10 years of experience and innovation in ready meals most recently, a 4-year intensive research program with the support of the french government and which has generated many industry awards, including a GOLD MEDAL at the SIAL Innovation competition 2014. A particular distinction must be attributed to International Vatel group for it strong support making the Twists possible.

Claude Sebban Creator

claude sebban


Phone: +33 1 86 96 92 88


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